Secret of Nimh (1982) or An American Tale (1986)

I remember watching The Secret of Nimh when I was a kid and being absolutely terrified by it (the whys I cannot tell you) so naturally I just had to put it on for my kid.  Because what’s the fun in being a parent if you can’t scare them from time to time?

And when I found An American Tale on shomi, I knew we just had to have a ‘mouse movie’ day.

An American Tale is the cute story of a little Russian mouse, Fievel, who journeys to America in search of a better life. But when Fievel gets lost along the way he spends the rest of the movie searching for his family, finding some good friends along the way.  Full of sweet songs like ‘no cats in America’ and ‘Never Say Never’ it was a real hit with my daughter who was experiencing this movie for the very first time.

An American Tale is a true story of hope, love, and optimism as little Fievel continues to search for his family.

Secret of Nimh is a much darker tale. It featutes Mrs Brisby, a widowed field mouse with a desperately sick son just days before moving day.  With harvest starting earlier than expected, Mrs Brisby must find a way to safely move her family while doing all she can to keep sick Timmy alive.

Both An American Tale and Secret of Nimh are directed and produced by Don Bluth, the guy also responsible for Anastasia, Thumbelina, and Land Before Time, but the two movies have very different feels. An American Tale is full of optimism and joy, while Secret of Nimh is full of desperation and panic from the very start.

So which one would I choose?  If you want fun family friendly experience then An American Tale is the way to go.  But if you want something much grittier The Secret of Nimh is quite satisfactory.




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