Pillow Talk (1959)

Doris Day and Rock Hudson star in this predictable hate turns to love storyline. Though however predictable the storyline, this was not a terrible film.  in fact, it was quite entertaining from start to finish.

Jan (played by Doris Day) shares a phone line with womanizing Brad (Rock Hudson), a guy who spends his entire time on the phone to a number of women. When a frustrated Jan makes a complaint about her phone hogging nemesis the story unfolds.

Of course the real change only happens when a mutual acquaintance, Jonathan (played by Tony Randall), tells Brad of his love for Jan. Intrigued, Brad sets other to seduce Jan himself.

Knowing that Jan would not give the time of day to the guy who shares her phone line, Brad assumes a fake persona in order the meet this girl and becomes the too perfect gentleman to gain Jan’s affections and trust.

Predictably, the plan works and Jan ends up falling for Brad (whom she knows as a Texan tourist called Rex). However, charades only last for so long and Jan ends up discovering the true identity of her beau.

Pillow Talk has everything that we have come to expect from romantic comedies: cute couple starting out in a love/hate relationship, cheesy scenes, and the main duo getting together at the end.

Ultimately, it is the chemistry between Doris Day and Rock Hudson that makes this film. This is definitely one to watch.




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