Dinotasia (2012)

My daughter seems to be stuck in a movie rut. She likes a handful of movies at any given moment and will quite happily rotate through those select few until she finds a new one to love.

And so every so often I have to fight a battle of wills with the pint-sized dictator and introduce something new into both our lives.  Today, that new thing was Dinotasia.

What can I say about this one? Dinotasia is a documentary with an interesting and balanced mix of CGI dinosaurs and their fossilized forms.  For my dino loving toddler, this was a huge hit.

I found the storyline quite hard to follow in parts, but it does have plenty of dinosaurs, and it does its job nicely.  For a documentary, as Dinotasia claims to be, it is not the most educational, however for an entertaining 82 minutes it is perfectly fine.

Like most documentaries this one jumps around a lot but this one provides very little explanation. These jumps are between herds and also timelines and so doesn’t feel the most cohesive in parts. If you think of this one as lots of individual shorts mashed together to make one movie it works. I guess the same way that Walking With Dinosaurs would have been if it had not been split into separate episodes.

Dinotasia does include a lot of fight scenes and can get pretty violent from time to time so it that bothers you I would suggest you leave this one alone.  If that doesn’t bother you then it is decently entertaining and my daughter enjoyed it from start to finish.  Not sure if it will make our latest top 5, but it is always good to try something new.


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