I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell (2009)

If you are looking for an outstanding masterpiece of cinematic genius then this one is not it. This movie is silly and fun (though not really funny) and is perfect for the next movie night with your friends.  You know the one, where you put on a movie but you don’t really watch the movie. For this, the movie is just fine.

Matt Czuchry stars as Tucker Max, a somewhat despicable character who throws an over the top bachelor party in order to get himself laid.  The resulting fallout is that Tucker, who was  the best man, gets himself thrown out of the wedding.  The rest of the movie basically features Tucker not trying to make it up to his friend.

The  one shining light was Jesse Bradford’s character Drew, a bitter young man who becomes involved with a stripper (Lara, played by Marika Dominczyk).  And there is a wonderful scene in which Drew sits down to play army men with Lara’s son.

The movie itself  based on an autobiography by Tucker Max, who does make a brief appearance in the onscreen version.

This is not a terrible movie, in fact in some aspects it is completely relatable. We all know someone like Tucker Max, hopefully not quite to this exaggerated extreme, but all of our social groups include someone like him. Is he hard to like? Yes, of course, but you stick with it because he is a friend. That is how this movie feels as you watch it progress.  Entertaining but hard to watch.


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