Porky’s Hare Hunt (1938)

The other day I wrote a bit about Bugs Bunny in Big Top Bunny. Big Top Bunny came out in 1951 and the rabbit remains an iconic figure to both adults and children. But Bugs had to start somewhere.

The first Bugs Bunny prototype appeared on screens in 1938 as a secondary character in Porky’s Hare Hunt.  Unrecognizable as the rabbit we know today, he maintained a few traits that did make it into the more recent Bugs Bunny episodes.  The Groucho Marx quotes and the carrot-munching chomping, all Bugs Bunny.


Directed by Ben Hardaway, Porky is out hunting with his dog when they stumble upon a rabbit with a mischievous personality.  Against a musical score directed by Carl Stalling, the bunny evades being captured by Porky.

The animation is quite entertaining, it features a shotgun that sniffs out his prey and clever interactions between Porky and the rabbit.


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