Tom & Jerry: Puss Gets The Boot (1940)

Puss Gets The Boot was the first ever Tom and Jerry episode to be aired. Originally under the names of Jasper (now Tom) and Jinx (now Jerry), it features the slapstick comedy that we have come to know and love from these cartoons as the two main characters try to outwit each other.

On the one hand you have to feel sorry for poor Tom, that pesky mouse always getting him into trouble with his owner, so much so that Tom gets thrown out on his ear, but watching the pair of them go at it is always fun.


Painted on mouse holes, piles of broken plates, and Jerry carrying a wine glass like Negan carries his baseball bat are just a few of the things that you can look forward to seeing in this episode of Tom and Jerry (or Jasper and Jinx).

I watched it with my newly three year old, who has not had a lot of exposure to Tom and Jerry, while I enjoyed it as a happy reminder of the days of Sunday morning cartoons.  Watching these with her, I see them differently to when I watch them alone.  She sees the humour in the things I just don’t, while I laugh at the things that go slightly over her head.


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