Big Top Bunny (1951)

My little girl just turned 3. Watching her grow up has been bittersweet. On the one hand she is no longer my sweet little baby, on the other watching her grow into her own personality is a fascinating and unreal experience. The best thing about her growing is that we can hang out now, we can share our interests. The two of us hang out a lot, and I love sharing the things I grew up with with my daughter.

There have been a few things that I have sought out for her that I can’t believe I ever liked (and they haven’t passed her critical standards either), but there are a few things that have become a new love for her and a happy memory for me.

Bugs Bunny is one of those characters who have become my daughter’s favourites. It brings back the memories of Sunday morning cartoons with my dad and it makes me happy to continue that with my own child.

Introducing: Bugs Bunny at the Big Top.



Bugs Bunny becomes a circus performer setting himself up for immediate rivalry with Bruno the Bear, the current star of Colonel Korny’s Circus.  Not wanting to share the spotlight with the carrot-munching newcomer, an entertaining battle of wits begins as both Bugs and Bruno try to edge out the competition.

Directed by Robert McKimson, who had directed several other Bugs Bunny episodes prior to this one, the antics between Bugs and Bruno had a wonderful balance of humour and exaggeration that had my girl laughing her little head off and kept both of us rooting for Bugs the whole way through.


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